kSpheres turns disparate data into actionable knowledge

The uses for kSphere are as diverse as the businesses that use it, spanning e-commerce, financial services and healthcare.  What they share in common is the need to gather vast amounts of data from many different sources and combine it into a single, consistent and up-to-date whole.  Here are some use cases that kSpheres has delivered in the past.

The "Meta-Catalog" 


One customer gathered millions of semiconductor parts descriptions from many different manufacturers and resellers, and offered a single, comprehensive and uniform catalog that allowed "apples to apples" comparisons between products. Until kSpheres, there was no such meta-catalog available for semiconductors.  Similar uses have been explored in the field of physician and automotive data, creating valuable services that could not have previously existed.

The Competition Watcher


Competitors in a given industry - be it travel, consumer goods or wholesale - must keep watch on the competition to spot trends and to be able to respond to changes in price or value.  kSpheres can be assigned to gather in data from hundreds of competitors, determine the same or similar products, and alert the user to changes in price or configuration that warrant his or her attention.

The Automated Reporter


Financial services companies spend much time and labor keeping their customers aware of new developments and trends in certain sectors of the economy.  With kSpheres, the data in support of these reports are automatically gathered from relevant sources, harmonized and cleaned to ensure that it is consistent, and then fed automatically into the publishing process, freeing thousands of analyst hours for more useful, high-level endeavors.