No Installation  -  No Scripting  -  No Programming  -  Do It Yourself  -  Pay As You Go

Create a sphere of knowledge

Connecting companies to data.


Collection, analysis & unification of web data, big data, broad data, internal & external data. 


Structured & unstructured data, multilingual.


Configured to address fine-tuned customer-defined requirements.


Efficient, accurate and affordable.

kSpheres™  enables any business user to easily collect vast amounts of data from disparate sources and gather it into a single, unified database for use in enterprise applications, product catalogs, competitive intelligence and web applications.

Ideal for the analyst, product manager, marketer or researcher who needs to gather and make sense of "Big Data."

​Use kSpheres to innovate new products, to replace expensive, time-consuming and error prone manual data collection efforts, and for strategic and competitive advantage.

kSpheres gets better, faster and more accurate the more data it encounters and the more frequently it is used.

Unlike other solutions, kSpheres uses the meaning of words to gather data and to then consolidate it under semantically equivalent concepts.

Once a source is identified, it can be collected repeatedly as it changes, allowing kSpheres to maintain a database that is always up-to-date.