About Kinor

Kinor is a young company, created and run by experienced, world-class professionals in the technology arena.  Building on the accomplishments of its principals, Kinor has created a company that is making breakthrough innovation happen.

Kinor has been pioneering leading semantic technologies to automate the integration of disparate data from multiple disparate sources for the past 10 years. These technologies are now being engineered for delivery in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) in a cloud, enabling a robust and affordable solution for a wide range of customer needs.


If you are already gathering and integrating a significant quantity of data from the web, kSpheres will do it for you faster, more efficiently and at a much lower cost to you. kSpheres also enables you to unlock new sources of economic value that were inaccessible or unaffordable until now. Tap into “big data”, increase your competitive edge, follow market trends ...


Our API enables you to layer your own proprietary applications on top of kSpheres.

 Technological Leadership 

Dr. Jair Jehuda | CEO & Founder

Jair has more than 30 years experience leading teams developing cutting edge technologies for military and civilian applications. Jair holds a PhD fellowship at the Technion Institute of Technology and eight Rafael awards for excellence as Rafael’s Chief Software Engineer (principle R&D center for Israel’s Defense Ministry). Jair’s vision for future market needs led him to found Kinor in 2002. Under his leadership Kinor has developed ground-breaking technologies that address critical customer needs.

Donald Rich | Chief Engineer

Donald has led development teams for expert systems deployed by varied industry giants, including IBM, Intel, Elron and SanDisk. With more than 20 years of experience in software development, Donald is fluent in a wide range of programming technologies. He also owns several registered patents and has more than 20 patents in review.

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Michael Berkowitz | VP R&D

Michael has close to 30 years experience as R&D manager and as senior architect in a wide variety of platform types and applications, including many that have much in common with the technologies that Kinor is developing today. Michael holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from NYU and has registered his own patents in the field of data processing.

Nitzan Alcobi | VP Product

Nitzan has close to 20 years experience as product manager in world class companies such as Amdocs, Sage and Dun & Bradstreet, including relocation abroad in order to serve in an international capacity for some of these companies. Much of Nitzan’s work was in the development of new products from scratch, including SaaS systems.